Clued Up Pro App Reviews

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Very Nice! 99.99% of the time it works!

Handy Tool

Nice and a very handy tool to have by your side when in the mist of a game of Clue!

Great app!!

The app works really well for tracking your game notes, but the pro version updates the card sets every time you "create a game" and the process isnt exactly speedy. Updating card decks should either happen once every time you launch the app or manually. Aside from that its a helpful app if youre a fan of Clue

Great little app

Works easier than the paper method

Won the game!

Thank you very much for the great app!


This app is supper helpful! I can finally keep up with my mother who thinks in a very simpler way this app thinks, well worth paying for if you like to play clue, thanks!

Clued Up Pro

How do I get my money back from purchasing this app?! After purchasing this app I havent even got to play it yet. Every time I try to play the app it shuts down. I havent got passed the card set part. It wouldnt even load fully and it would shut down. Poor I would say.


If you try to write your own set, when you write a suspect and you select the suspect pack it is shown as a room, if you write a room and you choose the room pack, it is shown as a room and if you write a weapon and you choose weapon pack it is shown as a suspect, so theres no way in which I can create some weapons


Superhuman ability isnt as good as it sounds. Should only cost $0.99.

Give percentage probabilities

A great app that works but would love the probability percentages next to each card. This would really help when deciding which cards to target in your next suggestion.


Does what it says.

Waste of money

So beep up if it stays like this I want a refund if possible. It keeps repeating turns and it is confusing. Its also overpriced


This works great.


I wouldve given this app five stars but because it didnt have the exact same cards or game that we have, I had to put all them in myself. We have CLUE the Classic Mystery Game. IT HELP ME SOLVE IT IN NO TIME FLAT THOUGH. I WAS SHOCKED! I really had NO CLUE!

Crashes at random

Love the app but hate it when it crashes and I lose ALL info and have to totally restart the game. May as well quit if that happens cause I cant win when I lose all info :( please fix this problem with an update ASAP


Love the App!!! But there is one thing that they need to add. When somebody tries to solve the clue and the person didnt get it right we cant eliminate the person from the game, and redistribute the cards.

Not so good :(

Really? Just how does this app resemble board game? First, it doesnt even tell you that you MUST HAVE multiple PEOPLE to play...not just me (you) vs the computer.. Then, it assumes you want to make a guess simply because you didnt enter the other players card shows appropriately without giving a chance to correct mistakes... LOVE BOARD GAME - app, not so much...

Needs at least 3 players

I have not played it yet but it says u need at least 3 players to play

Super Sleuth

Have not gotten one case wrong yet!

Great help

This app helps so much with figuring out the mystery on the board game. I have only lost once with this app (against family & friends) . This app thinks in ways I never did when I was playing by hand with a pen and the mark off sheet . Hope this review helps.

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